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Ignitis Wind Farms

Role / Services

Creative Director / UI/UX


Agency: Objectverse
3D: Mindaugas Zabulis



Interactive 3D Wind Turbine Experience

The Ignitis Wind Turbine interactive 3D web showcase is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of wind turbine functionality and its associated benefits through an engaging and innovative approach.

The project aimed to transform the way users perceive wind turbines, enabling them to explore the machinery and its components to comprehend how electricity is generated.

Interactive Product Viewer

I've led a team of creative developers and 3D artists to create an interactive product showcase tool powered by a web browser. With no need for specialist software, it’s accessible for any viewer on any modern device.

The interactive product viewer is built around a 3D product model of a sports shoe. Each click takes a closer look at Coats’ innovative manufacturing processes. As the shoe transforms, users are presented with deeper detail.


‟Highly recommend Objectverse as partners offering professional, innovative and non-standard solutions.”

Karolina Kazlauskienė
– Marketing Communications Project Manager, Ignitis
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