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Coats Footwear

Role / Services

Creative Director / 3D Artist


Agency: Vismedia



Visualising Hidden Innovation

Coats is an industry leader in footwear-related products and solutions. The thread manufacturer wanted to showcase the range of knitting yarns, composites and threads they had to offer for their potential manufacturing customers.​

However, their challenge is visualising their hidden innovation. How could Coats showcase the innovative solutions for their manufacturing partners in the footwear world?​

Interactive Product Viewer

I've led a team of creative developers and 3D artists to create an interactive product showcase tool powered by a web browser. With no need for specialist software, it’s accessible for any viewer on any modern device.

The interactive product viewer is built around a 3D product model of a sports shoe. Each click takes a closer look at Coats’ innovative manufacturing processes. As the shoe transforms, users are presented with deeper detail.

3D Animation

Once team had the 3D shoe designs, we worked with the client to produce a standalone film demonstrating the power of their footwear solutions.​

3D team deconstructed the sports shoe model, then reconstructed it piece-by-piece. We took the audience on a journey by animating the knitting process, showcasing the quality and complexity of what Coats products can do.


‟The quality of work produced is outstanding with an exceptional level of attention to detail, taking complex solutions and building content that helps our customers to clearly and easily see the benefits our products offer.”

 Carla Griffin – Global Head of Marketing Communications, Coats
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