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QuidelOrtho Virtual Laboratory

Role / Services

Creative Director


Agencies: Viital / Emperor



Online Showcase of Ortho’s Laboratory Automation Solution

QuidelOrtho needed a solution to showcase their medical equipment in an engaging and interactive way.

The client was already ‘late to the market’, and the aim was to make the experience stand out from the visual, technological and user experience perspective against the competition.​

Interactive 3D Web with Augmented Reality

By combining the latest immersive 3D web technologies, we created a Virtual Laboratory for users to explore and understand how Ortho’s Automation Solutions can improve the efficiency and speed of sample testing.

Ortho’s Virtual Laboratory allows customers to roam around and preview each aspect of the automation solution by exploring individual instruments. Every instrument can be viewed in 3D on desktop devices or previewed in the customer’s space via Augmented Reality on mobile devices.​

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