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Immersive Web Experiences Platform Showcase


Immersive Web Experiences Platform Showcase

Role / Services

Creative Director / 3D Artist


Agency: Viital

Location & Year

London 2022

Creating Immersive Platform Showcase That Stands Out

Viital was building its new platform - Spacemkr, and it needed an inviting and engaging virtual environment to showcase the platform's features.

The challenge was to develop a rather unusual visual concept that would stand out from the 'crowd' in a B2B industry, which is the primary Spacemkr platform target audience.

Mid-Century inspired holiday space with a little bit of Sci-Fi

Yes, it is what it says on the tin. Holiday vibes! A fresh zen-like environment that allows escaping that busy day, even if just for a few minutes.

The aim was to capture the ever-shrinking attention span of the users and convey how Spacemkr can help agencies and brands bring immersive experiences to their users with ease.

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