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Zendesk Morning Show

Role / Services

Creative Director / 3D Concept


Agency: Vismedia



Deliver TV show without using a full production crew or a physical studio set

Zendesk wanted to produce the Zendesk Morning Show: a twice-weekly TV show made for the web. It would aim to bring 15-20mins of bitesize video content, each bit relatable and shareable.

Lockdown presented another challenge for production: logistics. Contributors from around the world were unable to leave their homes. There was a need to deliver the show without using a full production crew or a physical studio set.​

Virtual 3D Set, AI Powered Video Upscaling

Zendesk Morning Show fused digital with reality. Team used high-quality webcam footage enhanced with AI tools from participants and embedded it in a fully-CGI, 3D virtual set to produce a compelling, cohesive video series.

I've worked on a virtual 3D set concepts and consulted team with best AI video upscaling solutions.​

35% Higher Viewing Figures

The first episode went live in three different languages with around 2,000 viewers. The full series viewing figures were 35% higher compared to the 40 webinars run at Zendesk in the first half of 2020.

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